Tracker Soundtrack (2024)
Tracker Soundtrack (2024)

Tracker Soundtrack. It’s time for an adrenaline-pumping adventure with CBS‘s brand new series, “Tracker,” premiering February 11th, 2024, right after the Super Bowl!

The music from Tracker you can check out below. A thrilling plot, great cast, and the immersive soundtrack that sets the stage for this must-watch show.

The Lone Wolf on the Trail. “Tracker” follows Colter Shaw, a charismatic yet enigmatic survivalist, played by the ever-charming Justin Hartley. Roaming the vast American landscape in his trusty RV, Colter isn’t your typical tourist.

He’s a reward seeker, a modern-day bloodhound with an uncanny ability to track down anything or anyone. Whether it’s aiding desperate families searching for missing loved ones or assisting law enforcement unravel perplexing mysteries, Colter’s exceptional tracking skills and intuition leave no stone unturned.

While Colter excels at navigating the wilderness, his past remains shrouded in secrecy. The series cleverly weaves personal struggles into the captivating cases, hinting at a fractured family and a hidden darkness that fuels his nomadic lifestyle.

As he delves deeper into each case, Colter might just be forced to confront his own demons, adding layers of emotional depth to the action-packed narrative.

Abby McEnany and Eric Graise add further dynamism as Velma and Bobby, offering diverse perspectives and intriguing connections to the central narrative.

The latest episodes will feature Jensen Ackles as Colter’s brother.

Tracker Songs: Episode 1 – Klamath Falls

  • Man On Fire – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Tracker Songs: Episode 2 – Missoula

  • I’m One Of The Rest (From CBS Original Series “Tracker”) – TALK (Promo Song)
  • The Other Side – Sean Makhuli (NCSI Promo Song – Commercial)
  • Loneliness – Bear’s Den

Tracker Songs: Episode 3 – Springland

  • Rounder – Natural Child
  • Now And Then – Natural Child
  • Wish I Was There – Cat Power & Coldplay (Kia Song Commercial)
  • Let Me Entertain You – Robbie Williams (CBS Thuersday Promo Song)
  • Into the Thicket – U.S. Royalty

Tracker Songs: Episode 4 – Mt. Shasta

  • Have You Ever – Brandi Carlille

Tracker Songs: Episode 5 – St. Louis

  • Hollow Man – Bon Jovi (According to Apple Music, the album “Forever” will be released on June 7th.)

Tracker Songs: Episode 6 – Lexington

  • Right Back to It (feat. MJ Lenderman) – Waxahatchee

Tracker Songs: Episode 7 – Chicago

Tracker Songs: Episode 8 – Camden

Tracker Songs: Episode 9 – Aurora (April 21)

Tracker Songs: Episode 10 – Into the Wild (April 28)

Tracker Songs: Episode 11 – Beyond the Campus Walls (May 05)

  • TRUCK BED – HARDY (ItunesAmazon)
  • Full of life – Christine and the Queens (Prime TV Commercial Music) (ItunesAmazon)
  • Out of the Woods – Nickel Creek (ItunesAmazon)

Tracker Songs: Episode 12 – Off the Books (May 12)

  • I’m One Of The Rest (From CBS Original Series “Tracker”) – TALK (Episode feature Jensen Ackles Promo Song) (ItunesAmazon)
  • Wind, Sky, Sea And Sand – Lee Hazlewood
  • Guitar Town – Steve Earle (ItunesAmazon)
  • Young Man – Jamestown Revival (ItunesAmazon)

Tracker Songs: Episode 13 – The Storm (May 19)

  • Green Light (feat. Raxstar) – Lee Richardson , Jonathan Murrill , Tom Ford , James Cocozza , & Daniel Toeman (Episode Promo Song) (ItunesAmazon)
  • Gimme Shelter – The Rolling Stones (ItunesAmazon)

Joining Hartley on this wild ride is a talented cast bringing the diverse characters to life. Fiona Rene shines as Reenie, Colter’s resourceful partner, while Robin Weigert portrays the enigmatic Teddi, who seems to hold the key to Colter’s past.

Tracker Music Soundtrack Series
Tracker Soundtrack (2024)

Music that Captures the Wild. The Tracker soundtrack is more than just background music; it’s an integral part of the storytelling. Expect a blend of Americana, bluesy rock, and modern instrumentation that reflects the show’s rugged landscapes and pulse-pounding action.

The original score masterfully evokes the raw emotions and untamed spirit that define both Colter and the series itself.

Don’t miss your chance to be captivated by “Tracker.” With its thrilling plot, engaging characters, and captivating soundtrack, this series promises an unforgettable ride.

Tracker CBS Trailer:

Tracker (CBS) Trailer #2 HD - Justin Hartley series
Tracker Soundtrack (2024)

Mark your calendars for February 11th (CBS and Paramount+) and prepare to be swept away by the hunt for truth, justice, and perhaps, redemption, alongside the enigmatic Colter Shaw.

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  1. What was the song playing at the end of the episode 2 when Coulter was taking the young man back to his parents?

  2. Im with Will. Episode 4 as he arrives at bar and gets out of car, bar music is playing. Same song when he walks up and speaks with door guy. I tried Shazam-ing it but it couldnt isolate it enough. Sounded good. I have found a number of bands this way. I dont get out much wigh TBI giving my social nature a 180° turn to isolate and control interactions, lights and sounds. Thank you in advance for Mystery Solver, whoever you are.

  3. Lynne, it’s Bon Jovi!! Hollow Man is a song on his new album that is coming out and it was debuted on The Tracker.

  4. Tracker Songs: Episode 5 – St. Louis
    Cannot wait to confirm song was Bon Jovi’s new track Hollow Man from Forever
    Jovi Girl <3

  5. Into the Wild Episode 10. The villain gets away on a four wheel vehicle. Heading into the pine forest. There is a locust sound while this happens. How was this sound created? I was completely
    astounded at the real grip of a forest solitude in the sound.

  6. I love this show and can’t wait until the next season. Also the music is great too

  7. What is the name of the song and artist being played at the end of episode 12 when Colter is opening the envelope in his vehicle?

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