Sound of Freedom Soundtrack (2023)
Sound of Freedom Soundtrack (2023)

Sound of Freedom Soundtrack. Directed by Alejandro Monteverde, tells the compelling story of Tim Ballard, a former US agent on a mission to rescue children from in Colombia. Based on a true story, the film interweaves romance and action, highlighting the harsh realities of this global issue.

The film features an original title song, co-written and performed by Justin Jesso, available on major streaming platforms. The soundtrack, featuring songs and score, allows listeners to delve deeper into the movie’s atmosphere.

Jim Caviezel portrays Tim Ballard, alongside Mira Sorvino and Bill Camp in supporting roles. The movie tackles the sensitive topic of exploitation, aiming to raise awareness and spark discussion.

Sound of Freedom Soundtrack List:

  • Sound of Freedom – Justin Jesso
  • Long Gone – RT N’ The 44s
  • O Darlin’ Please – RT N’ The 44s
  • Peligrosa – Lila Downs
  • Braty Puti – DJ Blass, Tomasa Del Real, Eli Fantasy & Mista Greenzz
  • Awa Didjen – Tinariwen
  • Urge – Lila Downs
  • Onism – Sleep Good
  • Godlike – Sleep Good
  • Quien Es el Patron? – Systema Solar
  • La Maza – Mercedes Sosa
  • Los Caminos de la Vida – Sound of Freedom Cast
  • Pienso En Ti – Shakira

The Sound of Freedom soundtrack, released in 2023 alongside the film of the same name, boasts a diverse and uplifting mix of genres. The official anthem, “Sound of Freedom” by Justin Jesso, is a stirring pop ballad brimming with hope and resilience. Colombian flavors infuse the soundtrack with tracks like “Vallenato Colombia” and “Los Caminos de la Vida,” while “O Darlin’ Please” by RT N’ the 44s adds a touch of bluesy rock. For Latin flair, there’s “Peligrosa” by Lila Downs, and for introspective moments, “Godlike” and “Onism” by Sleep Good provide a more ethereal soundscape. Overall, the soundtrack captures the film’s themes of liberation and perseverance through a vibrant blend of musical styles.

Despite its low budget, “Sound of Freedom” achieved remarkable success, surpassing box office expectations. It grossed over $180 million domestically, exceeding the performance of high-profile releases like “Mission: Impossible” and “Indiana Jones.” This achievement solidified its position as the highest-grossing independent film since 2019’s “Parasite.”

Angel Studios CEO, Neal Harmon, emphasizes the film’s focus on the issue itself, shying away from political agendas or conspiracy theories. Director Monteverde echoes this sentiment, expressing his desire to shed light on the severity of human trafficking and exploitation.

The film’s success resonated with Angel Studios, prompting them to return profits to their investors, demonstrating their commitment to social impact alongside filmmaking.

With its captivating story, powerful performances, and impactful message, the movieSound of Freedom Soundtrack” stands out as a film that entertains while prompting crucial conversations about a critical global issue.

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