Captivating the King Soundtrack
Captivating the King Soundtrack

Captivating the King Soundtrack. Captivating the King is a Korean (세작, 매혹된 자들) melodrama set against the backdrop of the Joseon Dynasty. It tells the story of King Lee In, a man burdened by insecurity and responsibility, and Kang Hee-Soo, a woman harboring a secret desire for revenge who becomes entangled with the king. Their paths collide in a whirlwind of power struggles, forbidden love, and unexpected consequences.

The series explores complex themes of ambition, betrayal, and the emotional toll of power. King Lee In grapples with internal struggles and political machinations, while Kang Hee-Soo must navigate a dangerous game of deception and hidden motives.

Captivating the King Soundtrack List

  • Daydreaming (꿈이라도 좋을 꿈) – Shin Ji Hoon (신지훈) 
  • Daydreaming (꿈이라도 좋을 꿈) (Instrumental) – Shin Ji Hoon (신지훈)
  • Wave (파랑) – TAEIL
  • Wave (Instrumental) – TAEIL
  • Drizzle – Kwon Jin Ah
  • Drizzle (Instrumental) – Kwon Jin Ah
  • Peach Tree – Roy Kim
  • Peach Tree (Instrumental) – Roy Kim

Their evolving relationship, initially fueled by manipulation and hidden agendas, takes unexpected turns as passion and vulnerability begin to surface.

Captivating the King Music Series Soundtrack
Captivating the King Soundtrack

Captivating the King has been praised for its captivating performances, particularly by the lead actors Jo Jung-Suk and Shin Sae-Kyeong.

The series also offers a visually stunning portrayal of the Joseon era, with intricate costumes, grand sets, and a rich atmosphere. However, some viewers have found the pacing to be slow and the plot predictable at times.

Captivating the King | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]
Captivating the King Soundtrack

If you are interested in Korean dramas, historical settings, or stories of love and deception, Netflix Captivating the King may be worth a watch. However, it is important to keep in mind the mixed reviews the series has received. Ultimately, whether or not you enjoy the show will depend on your individual preferences.

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